The unfortunate news is that we will not be getting an Until Dawn 2, but the horror theme remains much alive with Supermassive Games’ next title, Man of Medan.

As part of the Dark Pictures Anthology, this new title will be releasing on August 30 for the PS4 and other platforms.

First unveiled back at Gamescom 2018, Man of Medan will be the first entry in the anthology, and pre-ordering the game will net you the Curator’s Cut. This adds new options to the game, including alternative paths, new choices, scenes, secrets, and more. This additional content will become available after a full, completed playthrough.

Thankfully, as publisher Bandai Namco confirmed, the additional content for Man of Medan will be made available to everyone else at a later date.

Despite the critical acclaim Until Dawn received, the decision not to pursue a sequel was down to the studio’s decision to tell new stories.

As Supermassive CEO and executive producer Pete Samuels put it, “A lot of [creating the anthology] is about our desire to serve that [Until Dawn] fanbase from our perspective and to serve us ourselves in what we love to do, which is do more stories and characters, and do it more frequently than one or two every few years.”

Game director Tom Heaton further added that the studio would not be “tied to historical characters that you have to use.” Producer Dan McDonald echoed that point, saying, “if we were making sequels, we don’t know who survived. I mean we could probably work it out from your game save, but we don’t want to make a sequel to that. We want to make a different story with different people.”

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