It has been more than seven years since Blizzard’s Diablo 3 was released, but the support for the game has arguably been non-stop. Gameplay and content updates, in addition to porting the game to new platforms, has seemingly transformed Diablo into a live service game of sorts.

That is set to continue as the developers have shared the upcoming plans for the game, including a commitment to having better communication with the fans and community.

First on the agenda was themed seasons. Blizzard has recognised the importance of the addition of themed seasons to the game, and the increased variety it brought to Diablo 3‘s player base. Seasons 16 and 17 were among the most successful seasons overall, while Season 16 on PC was almost on par with Season 11, when the Necromancer class was first introduced.

Thus, the team is working to add more themed seasons, alongside new sets for each class, as well as dozens of Legendary Powers. Of course, there will also be the usual balance changes made as well, plus quality-of-life improvements and system updates.

“These updates won’t arrive all at once, so if you don’t see something for your class right away, don’t worry; there’s something coming for everyone,” Blizzard’s blog post stated.

To test everything out, Blizzard will carry on using the condensed public test realm (PTR) format, where testing is limited to just a single week. Credit will be given to feedback that results in actual changes made, and it is poignant that the developers are committing to “more frequent presence and interaction from our community team.”

Season 17 of Diablo 3 is winding down, and with Season 18 coming up, this comes as great news for anyone who is still playing the action role-playing game. While this new announcement sheds some light on what is next, there will surely be even more details as the release of draws near.

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