Game Informer has released 20 minutes of Diablo IV Druid gameplay as a part of their exclusive Blizzard cover story.

The gameplay delves into everything you would want to know about the class, from their attacks and abilities to the options the class has in combat. Twenty minutes gives you a sizeable look at the character. So, knock yourself about by watching the Diablo IV gameplay below:

On top of that Druid gameplay, Game Informer has also showcased gameplay from the Barbarian class. The Sorceress is the third currently announced class for the game. Blizzard also recently revealed that they are”very excited” about the idea of cross-play for the game.

Diablo IV was originally announced this past weekend at BlizzCon 2019. At the show, they showcased a cinematic and gameplay trailer for the game. The developer also confirmed that the game will be online only and feature a shared world; however, some sections of the game will remain a solo experience.

The game will take the franchise back to its dark and bloody origins and introduce a new world for players to discover. Some much-requested changes have been made, including the return of PvP.

Diablo IV will be coming to PS4. No release date has been announced as of now.


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