DOOM Eternal reveals a new BATTLEMODE Multiplayer Overview trailer

DOOM was a massive hit, and even that is an understatement when taking into account the many Game of the Year awards it received when it released. DOOM Eternal is the anticipated sequel from id Software and Bethesda, and of course, stakes are high for the title. Besides the regular seamless action experience in the single-player campaign, id Software wants to expand that to multiplayer with BATTLEMODE. Today, DOOM Eternal revealed a new BATTLEMODE Multiplayer Overview trailer.

The new DOOM Eternal BATTTLEMODE multiplayer mode features a 2v1 mode. This original mode was completely developed in-house by id Software. This means you can expect the same fluid, crazy and action loaded combat that is present in the single-player mode.  At launch, DOOM Eternal BATTTLEMODE will have six unique arenas and five playable demons. Bethesda and id Software have also been clear that all future maps and playable demons will be available as free DLC. You will be able to play alone as a DOOM Slayer or you can team up with another player and be the demons of the match. Even though the objective of both sides might be instinctively the same, destroy each other, the play-style experience is totally different on each side. DOOM Eternal and the BATTLEMODE Multiplayer mode will be available on PS4 on November 22, 2019.


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