The Dreams PS4 release date has supposedly been leaked by UK retailer ShopTo ahead of an official announcement. They revealed that the game is scheduled to come out on Friday February 14, 2020.

The original tweet was picked up by Nibel on Twitter. However, ShopTo has now deleted the tweet. This suggests that Sony is set to make an announcement sometime soon revealing the release date officially. This could be in a blog post or at The Game Awards which takes place in about four weeks.

The Dreams PS4 release date has long been anticipated after the game launched in Early Access at the beginning of this year. The game was originally teased at the reveal event for the PS4 and has been in development at Media Molecule for at least seven years.

But, Dreams isn’t a title that is set to release and then be forgotten about. Media Molecule have confirmed that they will be supporting the game well into the PS5’s life cycle. Multiple, impressive creations have already been produced in the game including Final Fantasy 7 Remake and a reenvisioning of the WipEout franchise. When the game launches those creations are only set to get better.

Dreams is now available in Creator Early Access on PS4.


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