Media Molecule’s Dreams is a curious entity, with it being an early access creation tool for players to explore the limits of their imaginations. Not a day goes by without some amazing creation that captures our attention. This week’s honor goes to one Gauffreman, whose creation, SlidEout 3019, is a clear homage to Sony’s WipEout series, and boy does it look awesome.

Here is a clip of his Dreams creation in action.

Having jumped in ourselves, it is certainly a wonderful take on the iconic racing series. It can certainly do with some tweaks but the familiarity will hit any WipEout player immediately.

Other jawdropping Dreams creations that have wowed the world include a crossover between Untitled Goose Game and Metal Gear Solid, a remake of Final Fantasy VII Remake, and even Star Wars Rogue Squadron. With plans to expand Dreams beyond the PS4 to the PS5 and giving players more of an experience as the “YouTube of games,” we simply cannot wait to see where Media Molecule’s latest project eventually end up.

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