Dying Light 2 Hands-Off Impressions: The killer game of the living dead

Today we experimented a hands-off demo of Dying Light 2 at E3. Let’s start by saying that the game looks and runs spectacularly. It truly raises the bar from its predecessor. Let’s talk about the details that make Dying Light 2 such an awesome experience.

Grim future for humankind

The game takes place 15 years after its predecessor. Thus, the world has moved on and so has the infection. Infected have evolved and there’s plenty of new enemies around. Society is now submerged in a modern dark age where resources are scarce and norms and decency are completely eroded. It is a violent and primal free-for-all, which makes it the perfect setting for Aiden’s story.

A changing and ever evolving world

The demo showcased a bit of what awaits Aiden Caldwell, the protagonist of the game, in Dying Light 2. This gameplay teased how decisions can affect not only the story but the environment. Aiden had two key decisions to make during this demo. At the beginning one of his friends got shot, he had to choose between staying with him or following a ban which had a doctor on board. His friend ends up dying because he was not fast enough to reach the ban.

Besides this effects in the overall story. The demo also had another tough decision for Aiden. He needed to activate some water pumps to regain water flow in the area. Another friend of him tells him that certain NPC had control over the water pumps and that was causing the outage. When he finally met with the NPC that supposedly had control over the pumps, this NPC told him that this was a trap for him to believe he had control over the water. Aiden quickly had to decide between trusting this NPC or follow up with the mission that his friend entrusted him with.

Sadly the NPC was right and activating the pumps generated water drainage. Which totally changed the area topography. Where once you could appreciate water, now was a drained swamp crowded with a new type of infected. This ever-evolving and unified world will consist of seven areas.

Fluid Gameplay

If Dying Light had a good parkour system, Dying Light 2 makes even Mirror’s Edge look dated. The demo showcased amazing feats while trying to chase the ban we talked about before. It mixed incredible action parkour scenes with the UV light mechanic that is introduced in this entry of the series. Infecteds react negatively to UV light, which will give you a few seconds to regroup and either proceed with your zombie slashing spree or to parkour to safety.

This is done seamlessly, no prompts, no queues. Just simple and fluid action without interruptions. There were moments that signified almost certain deaths, but the use of the environment and the UV light made every almost impossible scenario a close call. We still have to see how hard these mechanics are to master and how viable is to pull off what the developers were able too during this demo. Especially because the demo was extremely intense, but was played by the best Dying Light player in the world according to the team.

Co-op Action

The game allows cooperative gameplay for up to four people online. This mechanic is intended for you to visit your friend’s worlds and see how their choices have affected their progression overall and vice versa. We didn’t get a chance to see this mechanic in action though. It is worth noting that this mechanic applies not only for certain missions or quests but to the whole campaign.

Dying Light 2 Hands-Off Impressions: The killer game of the living dead

Decisions will matter

When we asked the developers on the duration of Dying Light 2 they mentioned that the game might take around 20 hours to beat, still, they are not looking for a target amount of hours, but more for players to cooperatively experiment the evolving sandbox they have created. One of the presenters even mentioned that after finishing the main storyline, which will feature several possible endings, you might have not even seen 50% of the whole world Dying Light 2 has to offer.

Are you excited about the new Dying Light 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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