Dying Light Chivalry crossover event announced by Techland


A Dying Light Chivalry crossover event has been announced by developers Techland. This will see medieval warfare come to the game for the first time ever, and acts as quite an interesting Christmas event for the zombie survival RPG. A new trailer for the event has also been released, showcasing some of the interesting content that players will be able to experience for the short time that the event is live. Check out the video below, and read on for more details.

To kick things off, the event brings the iconic sword, the Zweihander, to Dying Light, alongside a Medieval Shield which can be used to defend against nasty attacks from the undead. There’s also a brand new outfit to earn, the Chivalry outfit, which looks just like a full set of medieval armor, meaning that players can be ready to defend the honor of their citizens at a moment’s notice. The outfit can be unlocked when the community reaches a certain goal, yet to be announced by Techland.

The Dying Light Chivalry crossover event will be live from today until December 16, and brings a new type of random encounter to the game. Undead with buckets on their heads, and some of the other variants from the game, will be attacking small groups of innocent people around Harran. Players can participate in these random encounters by slaughtering all of the undead, and saving those innocent people from a gruesome death, and rebirth as a zombie.

The community goal for unlocking outfits probably has something to do with killing a certain number of zombies, or saving a certain number of citizens. Knowing Techland and their reputation with Dying Light, it’s likely that there will be community stretch goals that add even more items to the list of ones that players can unlock throughout the course of the crossover.


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