Ubisoft has now revealed new gameplay footage for Rainbow Six Siege‘s upcoming Ember Rise, and it shows off the two new Operators, Amaru and Goyo. While the information may have leaked earlier, the official reveal at the Six Major Raleigh International had even more juicy details that were previously unknown.

As an Attack Operator, Amaru is armed with a grappling hook that allows for easy access to windows outside of other Operators’ reach, as well as to ascend through ceiling panels for surprise attacks. However, the grappling hook has only four uses, and works on a cooldown timer as well. The strategy for Amaru is likely more geared towards flanking and recon, allowing for the element of surprise.

Meanwhile, Goyo is a Defend Operator that comes with a single, portable shield that is also booby-trapped with a Volcan charge. Anyone who destroys the shield will cause it to explode and engulf the area around it in flame, causing massive damage to any Operators unfortunate enough to be in the area.

The addition of both Amaru and Goyo helps fill in certain areas of Rainbow Six Siege that has been either overlooked or remain unbalanced. The new strategies required when Operators are added always help add something new to the game, and the Ember Rise additions are no different.

While players have always been able to destroy floor panels and take potshots at unknowing Defenders that wander by, Amaru now tilts the balance. Defenders will now have to factor in her ability to come through the floor and perhaps even sacrifice a reinforcement barrier or two to fill up gaps. The resource management on their part will make for some interesting decisions down the line.

Goyo’s Volcan-trapped shield will have opponents think twice before doing anything rushed. This is especially so if you combine Kapkan’s Entry Denial Device, and oblivious Attackers who vault over the shield is in for a bad time. Destroying the shield will only make things worse, potentially creating chokepoints of damaging flames and funnelling players.

Either way, having new Operators is always a good shock to the established system of Rainbow Six Siege, and Ember RIse is set to continue the shooter’s fine run of form come next season.

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