This weekend will see the first-ever fan convention celebrating Grinding Gear’s Path of Exile, with ExileCon happening in Auckland, New Zealand from November 16-17. Here are the key announcements that helped kicked the event off with a bang, with founder Chris Wilson being the bearer of awesome news.

First up, fans can look forward to a full sequel in Path of Exile 2, which will come to both consoles and PC. It will feature a brand-new seven-act story with plenty of improvements over the original. Among the touted features include the removal of socketing gems, which will help make things easier. The game’s engine has also been improved, and demos at ExileCon seems to be nothing but impressive.

Fans got their hands on the initial act of the Path of Exile sequel on the show floor, but patience is key, as Wilson assured that the studio will be taking their time to get things up to their standards before launching.

Path of Exile will continue to get support as well, with its upcoming 3.9.0 expansion, Conquerors of the Atlas. This expansion will add a new endgame story, upgradeable maps, and even new skills. More specifically, there will be new bow skills and support gems to look forward to. New and more powerful Support Gem Plus items will also be added to the Path of Exile. The expansion is slated for a December 13 release.

The Metamorph league for Path of Exile also introduced a new NPC, Tane Octavius, who is described as a “master alchemist.” Murdering his mentor and being exiled for that crime, “he hopes to find a cure, or perhaps just the source, for what he calls ‘the intrinsic darkness’ that led to his unforgivable violence.”

The last but most surprising announcement is that of Path of Exile Mobile, which brings the free-to-play action-RPG onto mobile. It is important to note that this version of the game is still an “experiment” for Grinding Gear Games, and it may never actually see the light of day.

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