Koei Tecmo announced a Fairy Tail RPG will be coming to PS4 in 2020

Rejoice anime and manga fans around the world! Koei Tecmo announced today they are working along with developer GUST Studios on a Fairy Tail RPG game that will be coming to PS4. The game will be based on the famous and cherished manga written by Hiro Mashima. In usual Fairy Tail fashion, you will find all sorts of black mages, demons, cats, and other fantastic beings in this RPG. The game will be taking place in the Kingdom of Fiore. Koei Tecmo mentioned a few characters that will be included in the story, Natsu Dragnir and Lucy Heartfilia, but it is likely you would see more of the Fairy Tail guild in this RPG. Here is the first trailer of Fairy Tail:

GUST Studios and its development team are in charge of making Fairy Tail’s RPG a reality. Although they will not be aidless in this task. Hiro Mashima will be working directly with them. His goal is making sure that fans receive a faithful representation of the Fairy Tail universe we, anime fans, have come to endear so much. Thus, everything from the atypical characters, iconic characters, and magic themes will be included in the package. Also, more information about the game will be available soon. Koei Tecmo promised more details about Fairy Tail’s RPG during the Tokyo Game Show 2019 next week.

In the same tone of surprising news, CD Projekt Red announced multiplayer will be coming to Cyberpunk 2077. Read all about it here.


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