Bethesda has announced that the new repair kits coming to Fallout 76, that is no surprise. What is surprising is that they can now be earned in-game, or bought with real-world money.

These repair kits will help bring your weapon or armor to full condition without the need for resources.

Repair Kits are new utility items that will help you spend more time looting and shooting, and less time toiling away at a workbench fixing your gear. We’ve received lots of requests for Repair Kits, and we’re excited to add them in the weeks following Patch 8.

Patch 8 arrives April 9, and adds two types of repair kits to Fallout 76: basic and improved. These can be purchased with Atoms, the game’s microtransactions currency.

Basic kits can repair any one item to 100% condition and are one-time use.  Improved kits are single-use as well, but they repair a single item to 150% condition, giving you more breathing room.

The improved repair kits can only be earned for completing in-game activities, like defeating the Scorchbeast Queen.

Fallout 76‘s Wild Appalachia expansion will also continue to roll out on April 16.

A new dungeon, The Burrows, will be unlocked. Further details about The Burrows will be shared by Bethesda during next week’s Inside the Vault, with promises that it will be a “daunting new subterranean battleground.” There will also be updates about the upcoming in-game camera and memory book features.

However, player vending, which allows players to run their own store to sell items to others, has been delayed.  It is now scheduled for Patch 9, which should come sometime in May.

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