Square Enix has provided some details on the Final Fantasy VII Remake Summons and how they will work.

The details came in the form of a short video, where Producer Yoshinori Kitase highlighted how the remake will implement summons. Within the video, he states “the player equips summoning materia, and that materia resonates when fighting bosses or certain powerful enemies and special conditions are met. You can then select the ‘summon’ command while materia is resonating and a summon monster will arrive on the battlefield.”

Alongside describing how the Final Fantasy VII Remake Summons will work the video showcases some new gameplay featuring a summon, Ifrit. You can take a look below:

Final Fantasy VII Remake re-emerged at E3 2019 with a gameplay blowout, showcasing Cloud, how combat works, Tifa, and so much more. Recently, a Japanese commercial for the game was released which focused on reminiscing about the game’s original release.

The game is set to be episodic, with the version releasing next March drastically expanding upon the world of Midgar and turning it into its own full-fledged experience. Multiple changes have been made to the combat system, with the game now offering both a realtime and turn-based option for players.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches for PS4 on March 3, 2020.


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