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Final Fantasy VII Remake delayed from March to April 2020


Final Fantasy VII Remake delayed from March to April 2020 was the statement from Square Enix earlier today. The game was originally slated to launch on March 3, 2020, but will now instead launch on April 10, 2020, a delay of just over a month. While the delay doesn’t push the game back for a devastatingly long period of time, it is yet another delay in a long line of them for Final Fantasy VII Remake. At this point it feels like the game has been in development for longer than almost five years, which is how long it has been so far in reality. Check out the statement, which was shared on Twitter, below and read on on for more details.

Final Fantasy VII Remake delayed

In the Final Fantasy VII Remake delayed statement shown in the image above, Square Enix explain that they’ve made the tough decision in order to give themselves a little more time to polish the game before release. The game’s Director, Yoshinori Kitase, described how hard it was to make this decision, and apologised on behalf of the team for the added weeks that fans will need to wait before they get to play the game.

At this point Final Fantasy VII Remake should be pretty much done with development, and Square Enix should be getting ready to ship it. However, the current culture of games development abhors the culture of crunch, when developers work 100 hour weeks and sleep in the office just to get a game out of the door in time. Instead, we now have a far better reaction to delays when the developers offer an insight into why a game has been delayed. In this case, it sounds as though all the essential work on Final Fantasy VII Remake is completely done. What Square Enix have said sounds as though they’re just working on the few bugs that most developers fix in the time left between a game going gold and its launch date.

We’ll keep you updated with any further delays if they develop. Hopefully they won’t, and the next thing you’ll read will be our review of the game.


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