Final Fantasy VII Remake demo shows off Classic Mode, Tifa, and Aerith - 3

During an extended Tokyo Game Show 2019 stream, developers Square Enix gave us a closer look at the gameplay for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake. A flashy and impressive trailer was shown off before the show, and while most of the demo was similar to what was shown at E3 2019, there was plenty more to digest, including seeing Aerith, Tifa, and Cloud in action against a boss, as well as Classic Mode.

With Producer Yoshinori Kitase as our guide (he was Director of the PlayStation original), we see the trio battle against Aps, a boss found in the Midgar Sewers.

While the whole presentation was in Japanese, we can glean several details from the action on-screen. Aerith, who is the traditional magic/healer type in Final Fantasy VII, is also able to boost the magical abilities of the party in Final Fantasy VII Remake. A magical field that she creates allows Tifa to unleash a series of Thunder strikes continuously.

Tifa, of course, remains the melee striker she is in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Be it kicks or punches, Tifa can execute plenty of damaging and visually spectacular combos, including her Limit Breaks.

Final Fantasy VII Remake demo shows off Classic Mode, Tifa, and Aerith - 2

The summon, Ifrit was also shown, brought into battle by Materia slotted in Cloud’s sword. The summon is an independent creature in battle, following the party’s lead in combat by attacking the enemy and using its fire breath when you attack, and backing off when players disengage.

Special abilities like Flare Burst can also be used to hurt the enemy. Just before the summon’s time is up, Ifrit conjures a swirling whirlwind of fire that envelopes the enemy and ultimately ending the fight, and it looked really awesome.

The combat in Final Fantasy VII Remake is more action-based compared to the original, which requires players to wait for their ATB gauge to fill before executing any actions. For fans who are unsure about this, Kitase also showed off Classic Mode. In this mode, standard attacks are automated, and the ATB gauge continues to fill up, and the real-time nature of the combat is removed. All you need to do is choose your commands, like a turn-based RPG.

Final Fantasy VII Remake demo shows off Classic Mode, Tifa, and Aerith - 1

Classic Mode will be a separate gameplay option that will appeal to the old school crowd, and is just one of the many options that Final Fantasy VII Remake has to make sure everyone old and new can find something in the remake.

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