Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV‘ s seasonal Halloween event, All Saints’ Wake, returns this Thursday, October 17th, at 1 am PDT to Friday, November 1st, at 7:59 am PDT.

During the event, it will be possible to spend some time doing various activities. And by completing them, the players will receive exclusive items. As the Circus Resonator mount, which is a metal tuning fork that opens a rift in the void, “allowing your Circus Ahriman to pass through to this plane.”

The Pumpkin Carriage, instead, is a piece of outdoor furnishing, while the Fantastical All Saints’ Wake Advertisement is a hand-painted notice advertising the sorcery and spooks of All Saints’ Wake.

Final Fantasy XIV

Though, to access this event, Final Fantasy XIV players need to meet some requirements. To access the All Saints’ Wake event, players need to be at least Level 15. Also, they must have completed the quest “It’s Probably Pirates.”

The seasonal event comes after, in July, Final Fantasy XIV received its third major expansion, Shadowbringers. The expansion extended the level cap, and add another intense storyline to go through. Furthermore, two new playable races, Hrothgar and Viera, and two new job classes, the Gunbreaker and Dancer, have been implemented in the game. Shadowbringers brought significant gameplay changes, as well.


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