First Monster Hunter World Iceborne DLC dated

With Monster Hunter World: Iceborne just fresh out of the oven for players, Capcom has detailed the first free DLC update for the game is around the corner. The update will add the dangerous Rajang to the game and will arrive on October 10.

First Monster Hunter World Iceborne DLC dated - Rajang

Other details about the update have not been made clear just yet, but the Rajang alone is a substantial foe to add to the roster of monsters in Iceborne and the base game. The highly aggressive and ape-like creature first appeared in Monster Hunter Freedom 2, and will go into a rage-like mode that turns its fur golden and become even more fearsome.

The Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion was launched this past September 6, adding a whole new region to the already expansive world, with new monsters and subspecies that will test the mettle of all Hunters. The Hoarfrost Reach is artic-themed, and is also home to returning monsters like the Glavenus, and of course, the Rajang.

For PS4 players, they can also look forward to the Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne collaboration that will add Aloy’s armor and weapon to your already formidable arsenal. The only unfortunate thing is that a set release date has not been given for the crossover just yet.

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