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The months in-between a new console generation are always a difficult transition no matter the company. For Sony though, this particular transition to the PS5 has been messier than ones previously. After losing Shawn Layden their Worldwide Studios Chairman, Atsushi Morita also retired from his stead as the president of SIE’s Japanese branch. These important figures made a lasting impact on PlayStation as a company, and the PS5 cycle will be very different due to their absence.

With the PS5 imminent, Sony is shifting focus and not everyone will be staying

We learn now thanks to a report from VideoGamesChronicle, that following Sony’s announcement of the PS5, multiple facets of the company’s European branch faced aggressive restructuring and layoffs. Sony Interactive Entertainment of Europe has been responsible for a great deal of publishing during the PlayStation 4’s lifespan. Proving themselves invaluable by enforcing the PlayStation VR’s library with games like Blood & Truth and marketing games that the audience in Europe would seemingly appreciate more.

Yet it seems that Sony is centralizing its operations for the incoming PS5, and a number of employees in communications were either given notice or had to reinterview for their positions.  All of this, including the announcement of the PS5, were a surprise to those working at SIE Europe. VGC’s article states that Sony declined to comment on the piece they were publishing.


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