Fortnite adds Batman costumes, items, and more in crossover - Batman and Catwoman

After an initial tease and livestream of its crossover event with the Caped Crusader, Epic Games has now officially given us more details about Batman coming to Fortnite. In celebration of the hero’s 80th anniversary, he will be invading the battle royale mode from now until October 6, together with new skins, gadgets, and more.

Fortnite adds Batman costumes, items, and more in crossover - Cosmetics

A Batman Caped Crusader Pack is available now in the in-game store, which includes two Batman outfits, a Batwing-inspired glider, and a Batman-themed harvesting tool. Other items also include a Catwoman skin, and there is plenty to look over in the store.

The new crossover also means a new Rift Zone has opened up, transforming what was Tilted Town into Gotham City. Scattered around the city are Batman gadgets like the Grapnel Gun and an Explosive Batarang. Of course, there is a set of Batman-themed challenges to complete, which will reward players with more cosmetics, such as a Catwing Glider.

Fortnite adds Batman costumes, items, and more in crossover - Gadgets

The challenges will be free for all players to try until October 1, with Epic sharing more information in a post on their site.

Fortnite Season 10 will also be coming to a close this October 6, and the latest v10.31 update just rolled out this week. It added a new Party Hub feature on mobile, allowing players to see friends that were online, form parties, and voice chat. The update also made changes to where the Storm Circle will end and eliminated some bugs.

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