The concept for a Fortnite Annual Battle Pass has been potentially leaked in today’s update for the game, Fortnite update version 11.30. Traditionally the game has always used seasonal battle passes, with the pass lasting for the current season and no longer, but an annual battle pass sounds like it would give players the option to buy every battle pass in the game for the current year in one go. This news comes from Fortnite News, who say that they’ve uncovered files within the update that reference the games 2020 Annual Pass.


According to the files uncovered, the 2020 Annual Pass for Fortnite would give players access to all the battle passes for the year, as well as seven unique cosmetic items. The Annual Pass would also provide subscribers with the Battle Bundle for each season, which gives players some initial battle pass levels as well as some V-Bucks to use. This would effectively ensure that anyone who purchases the Annual Pass gets 25 percent of Fortnite’s Battle Pass content for the year without doing anything.

It’s likely that there would be a discount for players who purchase the Annual Pass, making it a more worthwhile deal than separately purchasing a Battle Pass every season. As news develops on this topic we’ll be sure to update you.


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