Fractured Minds got an insightful launch trailer focused on mental health awareness

Fractured Minds got a launch trailer today in the form of an insightful video focused on mental health awareness. The game is designed to be a brief, yet meaningful interactive short. Emily Mitchell is the creator behind this reflective videogame experience. Fractured Minds is a one-man-army production, as Mitchell coded and designed the game all by herself. Furthermore, the young creator portrayed her own experience with mental health illness in the game.

Mitchell suffered from anxiety since her early teens, and that inspired her to talk about the subject. She expressed that gaming helped her connect and form meaningful bonds with other fellow gamers. Thus, this is a very personal message from the creator towards the audience. Also, Mitchell participated in the BAFTA young game designers‘ competition with Fractured Minds and won the award. She now works together with Safe in Our World, a charity organization aimed to bring awareness of mental health issues. In addition, buying a copy of Fractured Minds will support Safe in Our World and its mission. Fractured Minds has a meaningful launch trailer that is worth checking out! Lastly, the game is available now, and you can get it on the PlayStation Store.

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