Free DLC incoming for Trover Saves the Universe - 2

One of PS VR’s most crazy and enjoyable experiences, Trover Saves the Universe will be getting its first DLC pack. The Important Cosmic Jobs update will add several hours of content to the game, all for the price of free.

In a blog post written by Justin Roiland, he shed more light on what players can expect from the DLC for Trover Saves the Universe.

You’ll get to explore Trover’s workplace, meet his weirdo colleagues, and deal with his insane bosses. It’ll be just like real life! Only less depressing!


And less depressing!

You’ll also get to collect new power babies, watch original sketches, and play Space Slam. You don’t know what that is, so I don’t know why I’m mentioning it, BUT IT’S FREE!

All of it’s free! Hours of new content for FREE! FREE! FREE! (unless you don’t own the game, in that case you’d have to buy the base game and then this DLC would be FREE!!)

Free DLC incoming for Trover Saves the Universe - 1

Trover Saves the Universe was headlined by Roiland, who also contributed his acting chops in a cosmic adventure to save your dogs from an evil being hellbent on destroying the universe. Playable both in and out of PS VR, it is one of the more interesting adventures available on the platform, and will be 15% off on the PlayStation Store starting tomorrow.

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