As of Sunday, January 7th, the team over at Games Done Quick is hosting a charity event to help raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation and it will run all week long until January 14th. In case anyone is unfamiliar, Games Done Quick does a bi-annual charity gaming marathon where volunteers play games at incredible speed, or otherwise known as Speedrunning, for entertainment. The event is streamed live on or on their website, They will run non-stop throughout the week with all donations going directly to the charity. Right now, they are doing their winter event, and there will be a summer event later this year.

Speedrunning has become an extremely popular form of playing older and even some newer games, and as the name suggests, the players attempt to complete the whole game or a selected part, such as a single level. While some speedruns aim for a quick completion, some runs are characterized by additional rules that players promise to obey, such as collecting all key items or doing the bare minimum. The amount of practice and time put into learning every nook and cranny of these games is certainly astounding, and watching it be done with such perfection is simply amazing. There is set to be over 150 events planned, all scheduled to be anywhere from ten to twenty minutes long. Just a few of the game franchises that will be included in the event are: Mega Man, Super Mario Bros, Castlevania, Pokémon, Skyrim, Dishonored, Metroid, and the list goes on and on.

Speedrunning an art form that certainly deserves some more attention, and the team at Games Done Quick are putting on this amazing event all for a great cause. Cancer is an awful thing, so if you have some time and you love gaming, go check them out and help fight back against cancer.

Here are the links to their homepage where you can find the schedule, about them, and can donate:

Here’s the link to their twitch live stream:

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