As Gearbox prepares for the upcoming launch of Borderlands 3, fans are already clamouring for even more content to the looter-shooter that started it all, and the developers have duly obliged. Announced at PAX West, the first stage of post-launch content for Borderlands 3 will be scheduled to come in late 2019, and even more in 2020.

After the release on September 13, the game will receive a Halloween-themed limited-time event, the Bloody Harvest. Not only will there be spooky missions and activities to get up to, but completing them will net you unique event rewards.

Following that, Borderlands 3 will have a much larger update called the Maliwan Takedown. It adds a whole new map to the game, with brand new enemies, a never-before-seen boss, and of course, more powerful weapons and rewards.

Gearbox details Borderlands 3 post-launch content - Plan

Both pieces of content will be free.

And before the end of 2019, the first major DLC expansion will arrive. These larger expansions are part of the Season Pass, and will be paid content. Expect more side missions, enemies, loot, and more campaign missions to expand the world of Borderlands 3.

This marks a departure for the series, as Borderlands 2 added more Vault Hunters and story content, as opposed to the themed events and new maps that will come to the latest entry. Then again, the studio is mixing it up for Borderlands 3, and we will all get to experience it come this September 13.

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