death stranding ps4 avatars

With Death Stranding easily considered one of the year’s biggest games, some PS4 owners might want to customize their PSN profiles with official Death Stranding stuff. Well, you can with these free Death Stranding PS4 avatars available now!

Those in the US can redeem code:47XM-C3N8-GTFN on the US PSN Store, for two BB PS4 avatars. One is a scared version of BB, while the other is giving the thumbs up. Both are adorable though. Note that this is only valid for US.

For those in Asia and Japan, you can use this code (N3JM-BLNN-H6HR) which gives more Death Stranding PS4 avatars! Note that both codes are valid only until November 10 in the US! So redeem these now before you’re too late.

In other Death Stranding news, Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), the game’s protagonist, forgot Silent Hills (otherwise known as the P.T. demo) because of Death Stranding. In case you didn’t know, Reedus made a surprise cameo in the P.T. demo if you manage to get the true ending.

If you’re on the fence regarding Death Stranding, note that Famitus gave it a perfect 40/40 score.


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