Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a blast but I experience something odd

After a leak after leak season, E3 is finally here! We had the great opportunity to play Ghost Recon Breakpoint. It was a demo that consisted of an extraction mission of a target of interest. There’s a lot of good things to say about the game. But, there are some issues that need some work before the final game release on October 4, 2019. Here are our impressions on Ghost Recon Breakpoint!

Fluid and well-designed gameplay

The demo was guided by staff and it was a 4 player co-op experience. An extraction mission of a target of interest from a heavily secured compound.  Each character had its own equipment and also a drone to spot enemies. Very similar to what you will encounter in Ghost Recon Wildlands. The terrain and how you’re able to move through it is a true evolution from what Wildlands did for the franchise.

As we moved across some grassy hills, we could slide easily and stealthily down the rocky slopes. I was glad this was a guided playthrough since the squad leader really pointed out the many possible ways we had to get to the compound. Either silently moving through the sloped terrain and cutting a wire fence near a non-guarded area discovered by the drone. Or, we could take the guards with simultaneous shots (as there were only four) and take a less furtive approach by entering the premise and taking all the guards inside.

One way or the high way

We took the decision to avoid guards and try to escape unnoticed. We managed to get into the facility but sadly one guard spotted one of our squad teammates and, I, shot that guard without a silencer attached by accident. This triggered a massive amount of guards and even heavy armored guards and drones to attack. The co-op possibilities of Ghost Recon Breakpoint are simply amazing, there are so many ways you can utilize your surrounding to gain advantage points to snipe or use a rocket launcher and speed up the infiltration process.

Some bugs need to be ironed out

After the mess we created, we were able to find the character that we intended to extract from the premise. This triggered a cutscene and some dialogue choosing prompt. The staff explained that these prompts will have an effect on how the story evolves. The textures in the game look amazing, but some facial animations and design are not as good in contrast to all the amazing world created in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. In addition, after a cut scene, one of our teammates was suddenly teleported outside the compound and he was suspended in the air. It took a complete reboot of that station to get him back into our squad. These, of course, is far from final code and it is unlikely these issues will present on the game when it releases.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has a lot of potential and it brings a more fluid and entertaining experience than its predecessor.

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