We've got a giveaway for PS4 players to take a free Soundweaver Quickplay Pack for MMORPG Skyforge!

Time for another giveaway: Take a free PS4 key for the Soundweaver Quickplay Pack for Skyforge!

There are precious few games that give players a friggin’ guitar to wail on enemies. Like, almost none in the grand scheme of things. Isn’t that sad? Plenty of swords and 2x4s and stop signs and shit, but where are the guitars?

We’re giving away the Soundweaver Quickplay Pack for Skyforge, because it’s the only character class awesome enough to use a guitar. That’s pretty rad. Be rad.


Skyforge just launched the New Horizons content, adding a whole new planet, Terra — its largest open map to date. Players must navigate the planet responsibly, as their actions shape the world around them. The new content pack adds:

Largest In-Game Map To Date: Terra is a vast new world, full of ruined, overgrown cities, lush jungles and lifeless wastelands, providing new game mechanics, dangerous wildlife to endure and even a new race to discover.

New Draconid Race: The Draconids are strong and dangerous creatures that can interfere with the development of the new planet. According to intel, the only Draconids present on Terra are army units. For the time being, they are collecting resources and conducting reconnaissance. It appears as if the Draconids have no intention of conquering the planet, but why did they show up in force?

New interface: Returning players will find it easier to get back into the action as the interface makes searching for relevant activities easier. A new consolidated overview of missions and tasks allowing players to achieve the maximum rewards available on a selected day.

Changes to scaling and divine specializations: A revamped scaling and divine specialization system minimizing the daunting task for newcomers and returning players to catch up with their friends. To help them reach the current content while still enjoying the journey, scaling and divine specializations have been enhanced. The New Horizons update streamlines the number of divine specializations by bringing them all as part of the Temple of Deeds.

In addition to the new landscape, the Soundweaver class has been added. As previously stated, the Soundweaver has a friggin’ guitar it uses to bash enemies with soundwaves. It’s definitely unique!

So, we’re giving away the new class. Valued at $15 USD, the pack includes:

  • Soundweaver Class Unlock
  • 3 Days of Premium Subscription
  • A Friggin’ Guitar

Take A Key

To get your free content, just take a key from the widget below! We only have 100 keys between PlayStation Enthusiast and Destructoid, and once they’re gone we’re not getting anymore! Also, please note, these keys are for North American PS accounts, only. Sorry, rest of planet.

Skyforge is free to play, and available now for PS4.

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