The Granblue Fantasy Versus Lowain trailer focuses on yet another fighter coming to Granblue Fantasy Versus, this time it’s Lowain. The trailer shows off some details about the fighter, as well as his background. Check out the video below, and read on for more details.

When the international mobile game hit, Granblue Fantasy Versus, comes to PS4, it will do so with this brilliant fighter included, Lowain. His abilities include the power to call in his pals, Sammy and Tommy, who will look for an opportunity to strike your opponent, providing an opening for you to hit.

In addition to his incredibly beneficial friends, Lowain is also able to recover his HP and SB gauge by eating food in the middle of battles, a risky move that will no doubt leave him open to a hit. Lowain’s H.P.A is an unstoppable attack that will seriously harm foes, but as a result he’s unable to block incoming attacks.

Of the fighters shown for Granblue Fantasy Versus so far, Lowain has to be one of the most charismatic and interesting to watch as he fights.Once the game launches I’ll definitely be playing through as Lowain in my first playthrough, though I’m sure there are still plenty of other fighters yet to be showcased.


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