Grim Fandango PS

Xbox and Wii U owners hoping to play the upcoming re-release of  Grim Fandango will have to keep holding their breath, as Gio Corsi, third party production director at Sony, said the digital title is a PlayStation console exclusive.

Revealed at Sony’s E3 2014 conference, the classic 1998 adventure game by Tim Schafer will launch on PS4 and PS Vita as a console exclusive. “Hey gang, #GrimFandango is a #PlayStation console exclusive for #PS4 & #Vita! We are really excited! #Good2BGrim,” Corsi tweeted Wednesday. Now, back in early June, Schafer did tweet the remastered LucasArts game could hit other gaming platforms following the PlayStation release. However, DoubleFine just stated outside of PlayStation, Grim Fandango will only be released for PC, Mac, and Linux. So for console-only gamers, the only way to play Grim Fandango again is to either pick up a PS4 or PS Vita.

A twitter user did question Corsi on how long Grim Fandango would remain a PlayStation console exclusive, as earlier press suggested it would only be for a limited time. Corsi answered, “It took 15 yrs to get GRIM 2 PlayStation, who knows about the far future.”


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