Yes, you read that right. Someone launched a Kickstarter campaign to develop Half Life 3. The creator claimed that he and a group of five other people were planning to create Half Life 3 without Valve’s consent. The Kickstarter said that the game wouldn’t be called Half Life 3 but would be what Half Life 3 is intended to be. “as valve seem set on not re-creating a half life 3 then we are looking to steal the market for this ourselves.” stated the description.

Within less than 24 hours the Kickstarter had been shut down by its creator. The funding goal was a mere $1500 and received no backers anyway. Was this someone genuinly thinking they could make Half Life 3 or was it just a prank. Who knows?

You can check out the Kickstarter page here if you’re interested.

Source: Cliqist


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