As October rolls around, Guardians around the world can start preparing themselves for the Festival of the Lost, Destiny 2‘s annual celebration of Halloween. 2019 will see the return of Halloween masks to unlock, candy to earn, and a new and exclusive Auto Rifle awaiting those brave enough to fight the terrors.

In a blog post, Bungie revealed more details about the new activity and loot that players can look forward to getting. Starting on October 29, Guardians can venture back to a more spooky version of Mercury’s Infinite Forest. Now becoming the Haunted Forest, your objective is to go as far as you can in 15 minutes. It is likely that a variety of horrors lie in wait, and possibly a boss at the end of it all. Last year’s event gave out better rewards the further players went, and the timer could be extended with kills.

The Festival of the Lost guide also points to the return of the Terrors, powerful Hive enemies that will relentlessly hunt you throughout the Haunted Forest. To makes things worse, Bungie has warned players to “beware what awaits you at the end.” Clearing the Haunted Forest will reward you with the Braytech Werewolf Auto Rifle, a firearm only available during this period.

Players will obtain a Masterworked, curated version of the Auto Rifle that drops at the soft cap of 950 Power. Once you have the Werewolf in your possession, new random rolls of the gun will begin to drop.

Completing Festival of the Lost bounties will net Chocolate Strange Coins, which can then be spent on special Festival rewards. The rewards include several masks of different Destiny 2 characters. Thankfully, the masks are all armor ornaments for the Masquerader’s Helmet which can be obtained from the vendorm Eva Levante. This will mean your Power will not see a beating like previous years.

The Festival of the Lost also has its own Eververse rewards, which has a strong skeletal theme. From glowing skeleton armor to a skeletal pterodactyl ship, you can even get some interesting Ghost shells.

With its own set of Triumphs as well as festival-specific mods, make sure you are geared up properly to take advantage of everything the event has to offer.

Festival of the Lost is available to all players, even in the free-to-play New Light version of Destiny 2, all you need is at least 770 Power to access the Haunted Forest, and will last till November 19.

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