One of the biggest pops of E3 2019 belonged to the long-gestating Final Fantasy VII Remake, and the developers not only shared plenty about the combat system, but we also got a March 2020 release date.

Square Enix has now released a new batch of screenshots, showing off the designs of series stalwart, Tetsuya Nomura, for the remake.

Familiar and iconic characters Aeris/Aerith, Barret, Tifa, Cloud, and Sephiroth are included, all taken from various scenarios that will likely happen in the game. Combat encounters, cut-scenes, and general gameplay sections can be seen from these new screenshots.

We got ourselves some hands-on time at the show floor of E3 2019, with some Shinra propaganda to start things off, before exploring a Mako Reactor with Cloud and Barret, and eventually facing off against a boss. Combat was smooth and action-packed, and the remake certainly was easy on the eyes.

However, the scope of the entire project remains a mystery, and with enough content to span two Blu-Ray discs, the game is equally impressive as it is confusing at the moment.

With such a huge project, there is bound to be many expectations from fans for Final Fantasy VII Remake, and we have some thoughts of our own as well.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will launch exclusively for PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020.

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