Another new day and another new PS4 system update is upon us, with the latest 6.72 update doing what Sony does best, it “improves system performance.”

As the official patch notes suggest, the 463 MB update is quite alike many of the past updates that PlayStation has pushed out for the PS4, with “system performance” a familiar line.

However, it is likely in preparation for the real major PS4 update that is still currently in beta. That will bring about huge improvements to the PS4 Party Chat system, with increased chatroom size, improved audio quality, as well as beefing up network connectivity.

Accessibility options are also being tested and potentially added. A PS4 Second Screen mobile app could allow players to enter text that will be spoken aloud to party members, while also transcribing incoming chat audio to make for easy reading.

In other news, a feature long added to the PlayStation 4 has been making the news lately, especially for aspiring trophy hunters who may have missed on out uncovering hidden trophies and their descriptions.

Jake Su
Trophy hunter and dedicated completionist, love to talk all things games!


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