If you are still hungry for even more Hideo Kojima and Death Stranding, then PlayStation has you covered with their latest video going behind-the-scenes. Sony Interactive Entertainment has just released a new promotional video for the delivery simulator, but with the focus on the creator himself.

Showcasing Kojima and his history, the video takes us to the origin of the video game auteur’s beginnings, why he decided to work in games, and all the way to the genesis of Kojima Productions. While his love of movies inevitably comes up, Kojima reiterates that he is lucky to be able to work on video games instead.

Of course, Hideo Kojima would not be here without the support of many people, and also expressed his gratitude towards those who had his back when the whole Konami kerfuffle went down, and the release of Death Stranding was only possible “thanks to the help of everyone.”

With a new patch set to improve the quality-of-life and overall experience of Death Stranding, and a new Beach trailer to mystify even more people, the game is set to go from strength to strength, even if Kojima Productions has recently lost a pillar in Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi.

In our review of Death Stranding, we see it as “truly a masterpiece. It is a welcomed game at the end of PlayStation 4’s lifecycle. Along with games like God of War, it proves that Sony exclusives are still aiming for originality and production value. Yes, the game’s pacing could have had a better start. But, this also serves as a total immersion in a truly unique gameplay mechanic that cements Death Stranding’s originality.”

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