It is no secret that From Software President, Hidetaka Miyazaki, is one of the most revered figures in the gaming industry. The games put out by the Japanese development team has garnered a fiercely loyal following, and for the man himself, no game is more precious than Bloodborne.

In an interview with Gamespot Brazil, Miyazaki talked more about the development process for the PlayStation exclusive and his own thoughts on Bloodborne.

If I [have to] say which one I keep in my heart, it’s Bloodborne. It’s the one that left [the biggest] mark on me. I would’ve improved the Chalice Dungeons and the Blood Gems, which I wish were more detailed.

The enemies are always memorable and the boss battles, brutal, and the process of making them is one of the studio’s best assets. “First comes the design,” he said. “When I have a general idea of how the boss will be, I make a request to the designer so he can create the art… I describe the minimum requirements that a boss needs, and I leave the rest with the designer. Because I believe that adds even more originality.”

As for Miyazaki’s favorite boss, he went all the way back to the original, the Old Monk from Demon’s Souls.

[The Old Monk] has a unique system, where the player fights other players. Back then, this wasn’t a common system, so I got some critics and warnings. But in the end, the users liked it, it was something very different. So, inside me, it is the one that marked me the most.

Although his next project is the collaboration with George R. R. Martin for From Software’s next game, Elden Ring, which Miyazaki has described as “a more natural evolution of Dark Souls,” fans cannot help but wonder about a potential sequel to his favorite game. All the creator had to say was for Bloodborne 2, he is not the one to decide.

Sony owns the Bloodborne IP after all, but it would be crazy for them not to sanction a sequel considering how well the first game did. Ultimately, fans would have to wait for the perfect coming together for both creator and Sony before we can ever think about a sequel.

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