Hitman 2 has a really loyal fanbase. A lot of this is down to the great way that IO Interactive treats their fans. They have been steadily churning out content for the latest entry in the franchise. With the way the game is set up, each of these new bits of content offers numerous hours of play. Every new area they create works as a sandbox for Hitman fans to play in. There are lots of different ways to take out your target and part of the enjoyment with these levels is figuring each of them out. Well, we now have our first look at the final area included in the Season Pass. Haven Island is set in the Maldives and offers a tropical paradise for you to hunt your prey. You can check it out in the trailer below –

You will have three targets to eliminate on Haven Island as well as any contracts you or your friends create. There will also be more than 75 challenges to complete and finishing all three Story missions will grant you a new weapon. You will also be able to unlock new starting locations, agency pickups, and other new items as you complete challenges. And if you’re more of a Trophy hunter, there are seven new Trophies to unlock.

The Haven Island DLC will launch on 24th September.

Steve Clist
Joint Editor-in-Chief at our sister site XboxEnthusiast, Steve also has a serious love for Nintendo. His first console was an N64 and it was love at first sight. He may specialise in racing games but will give anything a shot. He's also a serious guitar player and musician. Basically, Steve rocks. Need we say more?


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