If you haven’t got enough of the Metroidvania action in Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight, now is your chance to make life all about that as the game’s amazing soundtrack gets a reimagining. Working together with music publisher Materia Collective, Team Cherry has announced that the original soundtrack of Hollow Knight will be released as a full Piano Collection album.

Featuring music composed by Christopher Larkin, arranged by David Peacock, and performed by Augustine Mayuga Gonzales (who worked on albums for Undertale, Stardew Valley, and Hyper Light Drifter), the Hollow Knight collection will be launching on November 28 and available as a CD, vinyl, and digital release. Sheet music for the songs will also be released in digital and physical formats as well.

Here are the 15 tracks that will be included in the album:

01. Dirtmouth
02. Crossroads
03. Greenpath
04. Hornet
05. Reflection
06. Mantis Lords
07. City of Tears
08. Resting Grounds
09. Dung Defender
10. Queen’s Gardens
11.White Palace
12. Sealed Vessel
13. Radiance
14. Hollow Knight
15. Grimm Troupe

“Working on Hollow Knight Piano Collections has been a deeply rewarding experience,” Peacock said. “My goal was to put together a selection of arrangements that both compliment the original material, and are expanded upon by the qualities and aesthetic of the piano performance. Enter the world of Hallownest as conveyed by my pianistic reinterpretation of Christopher Larkin’s brilliant score.”

The limited-edition CD and vinyl version of the album will be available via the Materia shop and on Bandcamp, and will include both artwork and illustrations by Nise, who also helped illustrate the Undertale Piano Collections.

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