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Honor and Duty All Out War Edition physical release date announced


Today the Honor and Duty All Out War Edition physical release date was officially announced by Perp Games and Strange Games. The title will come to PS4 on November 29 as a double pack containing two games.

Honor and Duty All Out War Edition will contain both Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition, and Honor and Duty: D-Day. In addition to these two games, the pack will also contain the as of yet unreleased single-player expansion, D-Day. All the content in the pack can be played on PS4, or using PSVR. Finally, there will also be a selection of digital extras that come with this physical edition, available nowhere else. The game has seen a complete graphical overhaul in preparation for this physical release, meaning it’s better looking than ever.

In Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition, players take part in short multiplayer matches similar to those in Team Fortress 2, but set in World War 2. There are four classes for players to choose from, which include Medic, Infantry, Heavy, and Engineer, each of which plays differently. Each class is unlocked over the course of time, as players take part in more matches and earn progression to each one. It’s also possible for soldiers to be trained to fight alongside players in unique objectives that often pit players against waves of enemies.

Killing enemies in matches will earn players in-game currency. That currency can then be used to purchase weapons from your Supply Crate, which is located in your base, and contains weapons such as machine guns, rifles, and rocket launchers.

Honor and Duty D-Day adds a lot more to the game. Vehicles such as jeeps and tanks are added to the matches players compete in, as well as team deathmatch with both attack and defend modes. Up to 32 players can compete in the new team deathmatch mode, as well as a battle royale mode. The expansion also brings some improvements to party matching systems, more maps, and more weapons. 


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