Square Enix gave MMORPG fans a great reveal at their E3 2019 showcase with the latest expansion for Final Fantasy XIVShadowbringers. And for those already waiting with bated breath, it is now available for all who had pre-ordered this third expansion.

Shadowbringers add two brand new jobs, the Dancer and the Gunbreaker, each with its own role to play. The Dancer is a ranged DPS, using chakrams for offense and dances for buffs, while the Gunbreaker fulfils the role of a Tank, and uses a gunblade (like Squall from FFVIII) while defending the team.

Both the Dancer and Gunbreaker require players to have at least one other Job/Class (Disciple of War or Magic) at level 60 before they are available.

To unlock the Dancer job, head too Lominsa Lower Decks close to the main plaza Aetheryte (the coordinates are X: 9.8, Y: 12.0) and start the quest “Shall We Dance.” After a brief moment, you will net yourself a new starting weapon and a chest with new gear.

For the Gunbreaker, head to New Gridania near the Aetheryte (the coordinates are X: 11.5, Y: 11.9) and start “The Makings Of A Gunbreaker.” Finish a simple fight at the Hawthorne Hut and you will earn your weapon and gear chest.

Shadowbringers’ Dancers rely heavily on chances for their stronger attacks to occur. The two basic attacks, Cascade and Fountain, both give a 50% chance of better versions named Reverse Cascade and Fountainfall. This will then give you 50% chance to accumulate your Fourfold Feather gauge, which grants access to the Fan Dance moves – attacks you can use freely outside of cooldown.

The attacks Windmill and Bladeshower for area damage will open up into the stronger Rising Windmill and Bloodshower.

Activating Standard Step will turn your attacks into button prompts that you will need to hit to match a sequence. After two successful steps, you’ll get a damage buff for 60 seconds.

Like all Tanks, the Gunbreaker added in Shadowbringers is meant to attract aggro and the ability, Royal Guard, will help tremendously. To become an even bigger target, use Provoke, and utilise Shirk when things get too hairy.

There is an easy attack rotation for the Gunbreaker, use Keen Edge, Brutal Shell, Solid Barrel, then you are rewarded one cartridge in your Powder Gauge. With the one cartridge, you can go start a more powerful combo of Gnashing Fang, Savage Claw, Wicked Talon.

Unfortunately, these attacks have cooldowns, so use Burst Strike when they are not available. The Danger Zone attack also has its own cooldown, so remember to use it fully.

Gunbreakers also have an AOE combo of Demon Slice and Demon Slaughter, which can be devastating against groups of enemies. The combo also generates a cartridge for your Powder Gauge with just two attacks, which is a great way to lead into more damaging combos.

You can also use buffs like Rampart, Nebula, and Reprisal to help tank some damage while No Mercy gives an attack boost when you need it.

There is still plenty to learn for both Jobs in Shadowbringers, but these basics should serve you well as you continue your adventures in Final Fantasy XIV.

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