A new Cory Barlog sci-fi game is being teased over on Twitter, at least that’s what GamesRadar thinks. The Creative Director on God of War put out a cryptic Tweet earlier today, and it has sent the internet into a bit of a craze, with everyone donning their tin foil hats and looking for clues in the code. Check out the Tweet below to see what I mean.

If that wasn’t cryptic enough, Barlog has also completely changed his profile with some similarly space-like stuff. His profile picture is now an image of the Voyager 1 satellite, and his banner picture is a famous NASA image of deep space, and his bio reads “….. ….. …. … .. .”. When translated into morse code, the bio reads 55HSIE, and it’s thought that the SIE part refers to Sony Interactive Entertainment. Right now nothing else is known, but it all seems to culminate in a tease for a new sci-fi game that Barlog is working on behind the scenes.

The Voyager 1 satellite is one of only two man-made objects to leave the solar system and enter interstellar space. If the satellite has anything to do with this project of Barlog’s, then it probably has something to do with humanity entering deep space, and leaving the solar system to explore worlds beyond it.


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