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Jim Ryan explains why big games do not come to PlayStation Now at launch


Sony’s Jim Ryan has explained to why consumers aren’t seeing big PlayStation games like God of War and Spider-Man on PlayStation Now at launch. Subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass get to play the latest games as part of their subscription from the day they launch, but Sony’s equivalent service is sorely lacking in comparison.

The biggest criticism about PlayStation Now is that the newest titles available on the service are usually a few months old once they arrive, and even then they only appear for a limited amount of time. Earlier this week it was announced that the price of the service is being cut by 50%, but even that doesn’t make up for the fact that these bigger titles take too long to appear.

Ryan’s explanation was fairly simple, it’s better to focus on a game’s launch and make sure it goes smoothly, rather than spread assets and resources too thinly in an effort to include all of Sony’s services at once. However, he added that this stance on the subject isn’t final. The most important thing to Sony, Ryan says, is treating their big first-party titles with respect, and ensuring they have the best launches possible, which right now doesn’t include coming to PlayStation Now right away.


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