Bioshock Infinite director Ken Levine is working on an Immersive Sim

Ken Levine directed BioShock, one of the best games from the last generation of consoles; now, we know his team is working on an Immersive Sim. Ken Levine didn’t only gave us BioShock, but he also took the concept to the clouds and delivered BioShock Infinite. Both games are famous for their incredible art direction and the uniqueness of their worlds. Aside from those aspects, both games have interesting characters, a madly twisted plot, and endings worth of a movie directed by David Fincher. For those reasons, we are excited to know what this team has been working on since they launched Bioshock Infinite’s DLC, Burial at Sea, back in 2014. Recently, through a job post from Take-Two Interactive, we learned that the team is now working on an Immersive Sim game.

Ghost Story Games and the Immersive Sim genre

There have been plenty of changes since the BioShock era for Irrational Games. For instance, they have rebranded and now they are known as Ghost Story Games. Even though there have been changes, Ken Levine is still the president of the company. In addition, they have downsized and now work on more narrative-focused games. Taking all these adjustments into account, their next game won’t be as big as BioShock Infinite. Still, with the amount of creativity the team has and with Ken Levine’s direction, we are more than excited to know more about what they will bring to the Immersive Sim genre. Since the BioShock franchise had some elements of this genre, there’s a possibility this project is closer to the franchise. One thing is sure, most gamers wouldn’t mind another visit to Rapture and its lore!

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