Knowledge is Power joins the list of new social party games in the Playlink line of titles from PlayStation. It’s a series of games that speak to the casual gaming crowd or for those who wish to check any seriousness at the door and just have some fun with friends. What also makes Playlink games like Knowledge is Power so intriguing is that traditional controllers are not used. Participants in any given Playlink game will be utilizing their phones or tablets instead. There are mobile apps for each Playlink game. Just follow the simple instructions to get connected.

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The setup

Knowledge is Power is one of the premier titles in this series and introduces a zany new angle on the traditional trivia-style game. The game can also host up to 6 players. Be aware, however, that this maximum player count isn’t necessarily the same for other Playlink titles.  At the start, participants are asked to choose one of the game’s cartoonish, over-the-top characters as an avatar. Afterward, everyone can snap a picture of themselves while exuding some of the traits of their character. For instance, if you’re character has big hair and sunglasses, you’re app will filter your photo to include those things. Photos are then displayed at the bottom of the screen next to your score.

A game show with flair

From there, everyone’s off to the races. Players will select one of four doors, each leading to the first question in a randomized category. If players all select different doors, then the game will randomly select one of the choices. Each question then leads to another series of doors with new topics. After, the initial question players will be given weaponized options on their phones to select for their competitors. For example, one player could choose to encase the pool of answers to choose from on an opposing player’s phone in ice. That opposing player will then have to tap on the answer they want vigorously to chip away the ice and make the selection. Slime can be used to cover a players screen making them have to wipe it away in order to see the different answers. There are a host of options that make things interesting.

Like any great trivia game, merely getting the right answer isn’t everything. Quick reflexes garner more points, as well. In the finale, players must climb to the top of a pyramid to claim victory. The points that each competitor has earned throughout the game determine how far up the pyramid they get to start.  Then the game proceeds with a final string of questions. The faster you answer the questions correctly, the more ground your character will cover in a single turn. Therefore, players falling behind have the ability to turn the tide if, by a stroke of luck, they are given questions they know well.

Final thoughts

The game’s visuals and animations are well-polished, both on screen and in the app. Also, the app functions well without any hitches. The smoothness of the connectivity and gameplay make Knowledge is Power an easy title to quickly drop into with a few friends. That coupled with a well-structured and competitive trivia game makes for a great package that party game enthusiasts will want to return to again and again.

Trivia games are far and few between nowadays and Knowledge Is Power boasts smooth controls, great presentation, and overall a chaotic and fun time to be had.

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