Persona 5 Royal appears to be the gift that keeps on giving, especially for the fans eagerly anticipating its Japanese release, and eventually, a journey west. As the definitive edition of one of PS4’s best JRPGS, developer Atlus has been consistently updating players with Morgana Reports.

Following the Ann-centric trailer that recently released, the latest Morgana Report focuses on several new additions to the game, as well as mechanics such as Show Time attacks.

We have seen partner attacks from pairs such as Haru and Morgana, Ryuji and Yusuke, Ann and Morgana, Makoto and Ryuji, and Yusuke and Ann thus far. No details on how you can actually activate such Show Time attacks that are highly damaging and fantastic to witness, but most likely they will be linked to growing the relationships between said characters.

There will also be changes made to the Baton Pass mechanic. With a high Confidant level, characters in the original game could give away their extra turn (obtained from critical or weakness hits) to another party member. Persona 5 Royal will be expanding this feature more to make it more efficient.

Following a Baton Pass, spells and attacks can now be used without any HP or SP costs, much like Persona Q. Even better, the character receiving the Baton Pass will restore a small amount of HP and SP. These perks are seemingly developed through a separate social ranking system, as shown in the trailer.

Combat in Persona 5 Royal will also be changing with the accessories you equip to party members’ personas. Certain accessories will allow characters to cast spells outside of their regular moveset. The trailer shows Ann using an Ice-type attack as an example.

Besides combat, the Persona games are famous for their social interactions, and Persona 5 Royal is no different. New hangout spots in the new part of town, Kichijoji, are shown in this Morgana Report.

You can now play the DartsLive minigame in the pool hall, Penguin Sniper. There is also a jazz bar to relax at and get a drink. Joker can also visit a Shrine to get boosts to his SP, like other Persona games. You can also trade-in gear you do not need for points to spend on other equipment.

There is sure to be plenty more to come from Atlus as Persona 5 Royal inches closer to its October 31 release in Japan, exclusively for the PS4, and we will keep you up to date with all the new details right here.

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