A streamer is advertising the fact that they have leaked copies of Modern Warfare ahead of the street release date of the 25th of October 2019, and they’re selling them for $250 each. Not only is this probably illegal, some details seem a little off about the copies of Modern Warfare, leading to many people questioning how real they are.

According to Eurogamer there are at least two people out there with early copies of Modern Warfare. While one of these appears to be a consumer who has simply had their copy shipped out early, the other is a streamer named Von Garcon, who appears to have several copies, and is offering them for sale at $250. The image of these copies is below, and while it looks real there are some very fishy details surrounding them.


The first point to note about this image is that the discs are in clear CD cases. This means that they’re most likely rental copies of the game, and could mean that a rental store won’t be getting their copies in time to offer their consumers a copy of the game. Von Garcon claims that he purchased these copies of Modern Warfare from a source outside of Redbox, a distributor of 4K and Blu-ray discs to retailers, but he’s unaware of how they were acquired before he purchased them. The worst case scenario is that these copies were stolen before being sold to Von Garcon, which means that an employee of Redbox probably had a hand in how they’ve made out of the building.

Von Garcon said he wouldn’t provide any gameplay as proof that these copies are legitimate. However, he did later post a video of him playing, with some subtle differences to what was on screen. For example, the mini map was visible, and the kill counter was slightly different to what has been seen in in previous builds of the game. However, it’s entirely possible that these are changes that have been made since the last beta, and they may even be changed with a day one patch.

A source familiar with Redbox told IGN that the barcodes on these copies of Modern Warfare look as though they’ve come from Redbox, meaning that they are most likely stolen. So far both Redbox and Activision have yet to comment on the situation, but it’s likely that the person responsible for removing the games early faces some very serious consequences. In addition, Von Garcon could also be in trouble with Activision or Redbox, but only time will tell what sort of repercussions come out of the situation.


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