Zin Pinball 2 is one of few free downloadable digital games I have played where its success is wholly reliant on DLC, but in a good way. The sheer number of themes covered in all of the different tables have been nothing short of impressive in both gameplay and aesthetic design, making for a charming take on virtual pinball. Zen Studios’ new take on this and combining it with Comedy Central’s South Park is no different in that it provides a great aesthetic resembling the show, complete with some familiar colors, voices and tunes from South Park. There are two boards that come in the set; South Park and The Butters Show. Both are fun pinball tables with some considerable South Park love thrown in.

The first South Park table, representing the show as a whole, is a special treat for both pinball fans and South Park fans alike. The board is a craftily setup system of rails and doors that allow for some fun game time. If you have played a Zen Pinball game before then you will recognize the general feel of this table and you will most certainly enjoy it if you are a fan of the show. The cutouts of Stan, Kyle and Cartman are animated as they are in the show and even occasionally speak to and of each other, creating a charming South Park feel for the table. It will also provide a challenge for pinball enthusiasts, especially for the less skilled players such as myself. The board itself runs quite well with a smooth framerate, realistically quick pinball physics and the theme is a welcome one. South Park fans will absolutely not be disappointed.


The board based upon Butters is basically a brighter, happier and somewhat simpler table that exists purely as a fanservice game for the character. At first it actually felt harder because I was so used to the other South Park table, but after a few minutes of playing I was doing pretty well for my skill level in pinball. Its twists and turns are simpler, leading to a more laid-back challenge which I felt gave more emphasis to it being Butters’ table. You will hear some of the characters, such as the recognizable voices of Stan and Mr. Garrison, also speaking to or about Butters. The outer ramps are a little trickier to move the pinball through, but like with any new pinball table the learning curb is minimal at worst. Graphically speaking the Butters board has brighter, happier colors as expected for the Butters character and it makes the board quite pleasing to the eye.southpark_pinball_02

It is worth mentioning that the voice clips do get repeated often and this might be annoying for some. Another minor issue is that the sound is not mixed very well. While the character voices are quite good, they are mixed much more loudly than the rest of the game’s soundtrack. This thankfully can be fixed in the options menu. At $4.99 on consoles this pack is a no-brainer for any South Park fan who is interested in pinball. The table might not be as appealing to non-fans of the show but the table itself is still a fun option for collectors and completionists. Not at all a bad option for those with the interest for it. It’s pretty easy to recommend this DLC to anyone who likes either pinball or South Park and especially to people who enjoy both. In other words, if you have Zen Pinball 2 then you should probably get this table pack if you haven’t already.


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