Following Crystal Dynamic’s reveal of the highly anticipated Marvel’s Avengers at Square Enix’s conference at E3 2019 this year, fans are eagerly waiting for any form of news about the next adventures of the superheroes.

And they will be glad to know that Marvel themselves are working with the developers closely to make the best game they can for all the fans.

In an interview with, studio head of Crystal Dynamics, Scott Amos, talked more about how the Avengers project came about and how the working relationship with Marvel is like.

“Marvel showed up and said, ‘What do you want to do?,'” Amos said. “That’s how it started. They really looked at us and said, ‘Crystal, you guys are experts at making games, we’re experts at The Avengers. What do you want to do? What’s the original take you want to do on visuals, on story?'”

The idea of a brand new, standalone story was present from the beginning, an “original take” on the Avengers, and not reliant of the familiar faces we see in the cinematic universe.

During the development process of Marvel’s Avengers, the Crystal Dynamics team could always refer to Marvel as the “true north.” Marvel’s Bill Rosemann, the vice president of creative development, often pitched in to help direct the team on things like how Tony Stark’s dialogue would be like and how the Hulk smashes.

Marvel is definitely in the trenches with the developers, and it shows.

“They’re not just collaborators, they’re partners,” Amos added. “They’re embedded with us as a team. We talk to them daily. We send them everything we’re working on, we have builds they play and get feedback. We bring them to the studio and go through it together.”

“[Bill Rosemann] is 25 years at Marvel. He knows everybody. We’re like, ‘So we have a character, and this storyline we saw in issue x,’ and he’s like, ‘I can get you the writer, let’s go see what that person thinks’… We have this amazing collaboration with them that lets us do a little of the iconic fan service and a lot of doing an original take that makes it feel fresh and familiar.”

With offline play confirmed, and post-release characters and locations being added for free, Marvel’s Avengers is shaping up nicely as we head towards to the May 2020 release date, all we need now is more gameplay to whet our appetite!

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