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If you are looking for a way to show off your dedication and love for the upcoming Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix developed Marvel’s Avengers, they have you covered with the special collector’s edition of the game.

Known as the Earth’s Mightiest Edition, the special package will come with not just the game, but also a variety of memorabilia that represents each of the main Avengers in the game. This will include a statue of Captain America, a Black Widow insignia, a Hulk bobblehead, Thor’s hammer Mjolnir in keychain form, and Iron Man’s blueprints.

Marvel's Avengers collector's edition is the Earth's Mightiest - The Collector's Edition

There is also an Avengers emblem, and as well as a photo of the five assembled Avengers with a young Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel. The items are all “inspired by actual in-game events and items.”

Including Kamala Khan is a no-brainer, as she has been revealed to be the main hero in Marvel’s Avengers. The photo is of her visit to A-Day, the fateful encounter that kicks off the story of the game, and is also when she obtains her powers as Ms. Marvel.

No price has been set for the Earth’s Mightiest Edition just yet, but more details will surely be revealed soon as we head towards the May 15, 2020 release date for Marvel’s Avengers.

In other news, the PS VR exclusive Iron Man VR just got a release date, and it is real soon!

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