Marvel’s Avengers delayed from May to September 2020


Marvel’s Avengers has been delayed from the original release date of May 15, 2020 back to September 4, 2020, making for a total delay of just under four months. The game’s developers, Crystal Dynamics, announced the delay through a statement on their official website. The explained that they have always had the ambition to produce the greatest Avengers gaming experience out there. The game’s delay should allow them to do that, and has been worked out with the team, based on the work required to get the game to where they want it to be.


Crystal Dynamics went on in their statement to describe how they too are fans of the Marvel’s Avengers universe. As such they want to deliver of the promises they made to themselves at the outset of development, that they would create an original story-driven campaign, engaging co-op, and content that remains compelling for years after the release date. They say that this added development time will be used to polish the game, working on what they have now, and what they expect to have by May.

That makes it sound like the game’s development is close to being done, and all that will need working on are the few bugs and fixes required to make a flawless experience. However, a delay of almost four months must be for something a bit more serious than the bugs that crop up naturally from building a game.

Crystal Dynamics ended the statement by apologising to fans around the world that the game won’t be out when originally expected. They add that they thrive on the excitement and feedback of their fans, and hope to show everyone more soon. This could be a tease about any new gameplay reveals that are coming over the course fo 2020. It’s likely that the game will appear at E3 2020, even though PlayStation is skipping it this year.


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