Crystal Dynamics’s Shaun Escayg has teased appearances from Captain Marvel and Hank Pym within the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers.

In an interview with Den of Geek, Shaun Escayg, the Creative Director and Writer of the game, went into some more detail about Hank Pym, Captain Marvel and whether or not they will appear in Marvel’s Avengers.

When asked about whether Kamala Khan’s fandom for Captain Marvel within the game pointed to her own existence in the world Escayg replied: “Yeah, I mean, she’s a super fan of Captain Marvel. So, you know, again, it’s staying true to her DNA and the history of that character. And you know, Carol Danvers is very iconic, and she is the first person that [Kamala] basically polymorphs into.”

Whilst he doesn’t outright confirm Carol Danvers will appear in the game, it seems that she will play a big role in shaping who Kamala Khan becomes and provide her with a role model throughout the game.

Hank Pym, on the other hand, is set to appear within the game and Escayg reveals that he has left behind his old way of thinking and the philosophy of AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) and is now ready “to fight the good fight.”

Whilst you wait for more information about Marvel’s Avengers, you can check out an overview of the gameplay below.

Marvel’s Avengers releases for PS4 on May 15, 2020.


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